Novak Djokovic & 9 Other Sexy Tennis Players in Honor of Wimbledon (PHOTOS)

Jill Baughman | Jul 6, 2012 Good News

Maria Sharapova

Now that Wimbledon is getting more and more nail-biting, with the huge pool of players being narrowed down to an honored few, it's certainly an exciting time in the world of tennis.

So what better way to celebrate all the goodness that is tennis than by showing off some of the hotties who have the athleticism, talent, grace, and vocal chords to make those loud sexual grunts to dominate on the court? I can't think of one, that's for sure. It's times like these when sports take such center stage that it's easy to become jealous of these folks' looks, fame, riches, and talent. Some genetic jackpot they have won!

From Rafael Nadal to Maria Sharapova to the Williams sisters, these players may be in or out at Wimbledon (or not played in the tournament at all), but they're always welcome on our television screens. Here are our favorite 10 tennis players who are fun to watch not only because of their athletic ability, but because they look so fantastic showing it off. 

Who's your favorite tennis player? Any predictions on who will win Wimbledon?

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