The Name 'Sandusky' Has Become the New 'Hitler'

Gerry SanduskyThe OTHER Gerry SanduskyI think I'd be feeling pretty perturbed if I were the parents of Gerry Sandusky. I mean, how much more could fate be working against you that you just so happened to name your kid the exact same name as Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football coach recently convicted of serial child sexual abuse.

Gerry Sandusky, a broadcaster fro the Baltimore Ravens, has the unfortunate burden of sharing the same name as one of America's most despised villains. And evidence of unnecessary harassment was written all over his Twitter page.

Some of the tweets CNN reported are ruthless and sad ... all intended for another man. Poor Gerry! Take a look:


"@GerrySandusky you're a disgusting vile human."

"hope you get knifed in prison."

"@GerrySandusky I'm just confused...why would you do such things to children? #mean"

Well, Sandusky himself seemed to keep a good attitude about the whole debacle:

The general consensus is people inviting me to an extended stay in hell, or a miserable death or prison rape ... I received a lot of F-bombs. I can understand the confusion. It is an emotional, heinous crime. I can understand the reactions. You just have to keep a sense of humor with this.

Oh man. So is the name "Sandusky" going to be the next "Hitler"? This guy has a public job in sports ... maybe he oughta change his name.

Well, apparently he'll have none of that. He refuses to let what happened "hijack the brand" he has built for the past 30 years. I give credit to him for sticking to his guns, but it can't be fun to be immediately associated with a guy who's so hated just from hearing your name.

This brings to mind the "Sandusky Ice Cream Social," an event President Obama is hosting in the town of Sandusky, Ohio. A few news outlets are talking about how poorly named that event is, and I can see where they're coming from ... but does this mean that every single person/town named "Sandusky" ought to change its name?

It's difficult to say, and there is no easy answer. It sucks that innocent people (and towns) have to suffer because of one man's horrific choices. But to avoid the headlines and unnecessary harassment, perhaps it's time to put the name "Sandusky" into the same don't-name-him-that-for-the-love-of-Pete column as "Hitler" and "Stalin"? At least for the next couple years.

Do you think Gerry Sandusky should change his name?

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