Facebook's Email Change Just Gets Worse and Worse

You probably heard about how Facebook made the widely-panned decision to swap personal email addresses on user profiles with @facebook.com email addresses, whether someone wanted one or not. I mean, if your Facebook feed looked anything like mine a couple weeks ago, it was full of people ranting and raving about how pissed they were about the email change, and how to fix it.

As it turns out, Facebook's unpopular email switch may be causing even more problems that we all originally thought. As if it wasn't annoying enough to have your personal information changed, people are now reporting that the contact emails in their address books have been replaced by @facebook.com emails too.


The issue seems to be cropping up for people who sync their phones with Facebook. I don't do this, so I haven't personally witnessed the problem, but reports are cropping up all over the web.

According to one user,

Today, a co-worker discovered that his contact info for me had been silently updated to overwrite my work email address with my Facebook email address. He discovered this only after sending work emails to the wrong address. For all I know, I could be missing a lot more emails from friends, colleagues, or family members, and never even know it.

So for people who sync with Facebook, their friends' real e-mail addresses may have been replaced with @facebook.com ones. This obviously sucks, but wait, it gets even MORE inconvenient.

Not only are emails unintentionally flying off to Facebook inboxes, where they can easily be missed (especially for those who don't use alerts), but if the email isn't coming from an address that Facebook knows about, the message gets filtered into the "Other" inbox.

Have you ever looked at your "Other" inbox in Facebook? You might want to take a peek at it now, just for fun. It's a mysterious place that sends NO notifications whatsoever about its contents. Before I knew to check that inbox every now and then, I once found an email from a long-lost high school friend in there. THE MESSAGE WAS SIX MONTHS OLD.

How do you fix Facebook's escalating email damage? Well, you can start by making sure that your own contact information is set up the way you want. But if you've synced your phone to Facebook and the contacts in your address book have been altered? Thanks to Facebook, you're SOL.

Basically, even if you turn off the information sync setting on Facebook, your address book will be permanently overrun with @facebook.com addresses. If ALL your contacts switch their display email back to a non-facebook.com address, and you re-sync, that might fix it -- otherwise, you've got to change all the addresses by hand.

My advice? If you've never synced your phone with Facebook before, don't start now.

Are you surprised to hear that Facebook's email change has affected people's address books too?

Image via Jerry Bunkers/Flickr

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