Rupert Murdoch Calls Scientology a 'Weird Cult' on Twitter

Over the weekend, media honcho Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox Broadcasting, etc.) decided to take on Scientology, tweeting that it was a "very weird cult" and that there was "big big money" involved with Tom Cruise. Not sure what that means exactly, but apparently Scientologists weren't down with it, because later Rupert tweeted:

Hm, will Scientologists start stalking Rupert in a white van like they supposedly might be with Katie Holmes? (A new report says it's actually Katie's own security team.) At any rate, Murdoch isn't the only one to be tweeting about Scientology, not by a long shot. Here are some of the best Scientology tweets:


@caitlinmoran: Whoah -- Rupert Murdoch vs Scientology is like Godzilla vs Mothra. This battle will be immense.

@Its_Death: Rupert Murdoch calls Scientology "creepy." You owe me one Irony Meter, Rupert. Mine just exploded.

@LOLGOP: The difference between Scientology & Fox News? One uses science fiction to control damaged people's minds and the other is Scientology.

@mindykaling: I just want to see what happens if I tweet the word Scientology.

@macleanbrendan: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes go together like Scientology and reality.

@joeschmitt: Male Hollywood star looking for female for sham marriage. Must convert to Scientology. Generous pre-nup. Up to 4 starring roles included ...

@NickYoussef: I will devote my entire life to Scientology if it turns out Katie Holmes is leaving Tom Cruise because he knocked up Adele.

@CPforFREE: Katie Holmes is too pretty for Scientology.

What are your thoughts on Scientology?


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