Hot Tempered David Beckham Sure Can Kick Well When He's Mad (VIDEO)

David beckham fightI'm guessing that David Beckham is feeling a lot of pent up rage lately. He didn't make the British Olympic soccer team and cannot play for the country that's hosting and where he's from -- taking away 90 percent of the reason most people watch soccer (right?).

We saw a glimpse of this anger during the 91st minute of the Los Angeles Galaxy vs. San Jose Quakes game. Sam Cronin (shockingly) tried to fake an injury and hit the deck to run out the clock. Beckham then kicked the ball at Cronin, and soon enough the hottie was involved in a scuffle that even involved ... the opposing team's mascot.

Watching the video may be a minute of your life you won't be able to get back, but still, an angry Beckham sure is a smokin' Beckham (and an accurate Beckham). I promise you that this is going to be the most nonsensical thing you'll see all day!


Take a look:

Gotta love how Cornin pretends he's in immense pain, but once the ball hits him, he jumps right up as if everything's okay. Regardless, Beckham immediately got penalized with a yellow card. Who cares about the card ... you gotta give props to Beckham's aim. He's still got it! Boo to you, British Olympic soccer team! I guess all Cronin needed to heal him was Becks' magical touch. It'd probably work for most straight females, anyway ...

And then for Beckham to start spewing god-knows-what at the mascot who got in the middle of it ... well, I for one kind of wish his teammates didn't hold him back. How entertaining would it have been to watch Beckham gesture and yell a chain of expletives at a goofy, smiling mascot for a few minutes? YouTube gold, I say!

Even so, it must be pretty frustrating watching players fall down in a helpless heap to waste precious seconds knowing they're faking it the entire time -- clearly proven by the way Cronin jumped up to argue with Beckham after he got hit. So I guess a little bit of thanks goes to Cronin being pathetic for reminding us why no one can quite bend it like Beckham. Though the Galaxy may have lost, Beckham is a kick-ass winner in our hearts. Okay I'm done. Seriously.

What do you think of Beckham losing his cool? What about his magnificently placed kick?

Image via ESPN/YouTube

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