Erin Andrews Leaves ESPN But Another Hot Sideline Reporter Awaits

Erin Andrews

Even if you've never even watched a sports game on TV in your life, chances are you still know who Erin Andrews is. If for some reason you don't, ask your husband or boyfriend. The first thing he'll tell you about her is that she's gorgeous. The second thing he'll say is that, oh, yeah, she's a sideline reporter for college football games on ESPN. The third thing he'll say is something about her being totally hot and sexy. I know that's kind of a repeat of the first observation, but that's the way guys roll.

Never mind that Andrews is actually a really good reporter and knows her football, which is why Andrews is moving from her expired gig at ESPN to Fox Sports after being heavily courted by that network giant.


As a woman who only occassionally watches college football on TV, I've always enjoyed Andrews and respected her analysis and reporting skills. And I must admit I'm really jealous of her hair. It's always so flowy perfect with just the right amount of waves. Guys are obviously looking at other things when they watch Andrews, fair enough, and many people have said she was the reason that so many men tuned into ESPN to watch college football in the first place.

So your husband might hear this news and freak out. But your job is to console him and assure him it will be okay. For there's another hot, blond, sexy sideline reporter just waiting in the wings to replace her! Word has it that it's Jenn Brown, who is already on the roster at ESPN. She's gorgeous too, blond, perky, and knows her stuff just as well as Andrews. But I'm sure he already knows this and has visited the Jenn Brown website a few times. And if it's not her it will be some other hot sexy blond reporter. Rest assured, there are rolodexes for these kinds of things.

Is your husband or boyfriend a fan of Erin Andrews' excellent sports reporting skills?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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