6 Hilarious T-Shirts Only Video Game Freaks Would Love

Adriana Velez | Jul 2, 2012 Good News

super mario tshirt

Oh the gamers in our lives: Can't live without them, can't talk them into going out during daylight hours. Addicted to video games? What? Impossible! They can stop any time, really. But you may have to remind them to change their clothes every couple of days.

Fortunately there are loads of hilarious gamer t-shirts for those people who consider the controller and the nunchuck actual extensions of their hands. Like this one above. Ha! Get it? Money, power, woman ... coins, star bits, and Princess Peach?!? Ehh, I guess you'd have to be a Super Mario fan to appreciate it. These tees may baffle the rest of the world, but they speak a gamer's language.

Which t-shirt do you think would fit the gamer in your life best?

Image via Splitreason.com

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