Embarrassing Facebook Updates Could Be a Lot Less 'Private' Thanks to This Site

Another day, another mess of Facebook privacy concerns. We could always stop using Facebook, but isn't it more fun to complain? For instance, the way Facebook recently changed our default email addresses without even telling us! Or the creepy 'stalker' app Facebook launched on Monday, then pulled just hours later -- what the hell was that all about?

At this point, it's hardly news to announce that Facebook may be a little on the ... well, intrusive side. If you're on Facebook, you should know by now how to adjust your privacy settings and think before you post. On the off chance you need a reminder, though, let me introduce you to a nasty little website called We Know What You're Doing.

What's the point of We Know What You're Doing? To share your questionable status updates with the world, of course.


WKWYD is the brainchild of Callum Haywood, a 19-year-old British web developer. The content displayed on his site uses Facebook's API to scrape statuses for certain keywords, and displays them accordingly.

For instance, in the "Who wants to get fired?" section, he's got statuses like "hate my Boss he is such a twat" from Facebook user Grant T. And in the "Who's hungover?" column, Mitchell T. shares that he "had the best driving lesson-did nearly everything right even though i'm hungover."

Other columns include "Who's taking drugs?" and "Who's got a new phone number?" I guess the good news about the phone number section is that he seems to have scrambled the digits instead of sharing everyone's actual contact information.

Haywood claims he created the site as a sort of public service, to let people know they should rethink some of the information they're sharing. In fact, he's generous enough to include some information for making sure you don't end up on We Know What You're Doing:

How do I make sure that I don't end up on here?

Just go to https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy and make sure Control Your Default Privacy is not set to "Public". You can set it to "Friends" but for the best privacy it is recommended you choose "Custom" and go through each option to choose who can see what.

I applaud Mr. Haywood's ingenuity and all, but this reminds me of the Please Rob Me website that posted people's Foursquare check-ins in order to 'raise awareness' about the downsides of location sharing. I mean, all right, we get it, but do you need to prove your point in such a dickish way?

In the case of We Know What You're Doing, a quick scan of the content there seems like the mostly-tame shenanigans of college age kids. Yeah, they probably shouldn't be posting about how wasted they were last night or how much of a jerkweed their boss is, but something tells me this website isn't going to convince them to stop.

For the rest of us, however, it's a nice little reminder to be careful about the information we share publicly. After all, you never know who's listening.

Have you ever heard of this website? Do you think it's actually useful, or just obnoxious?

Image via We Know What You're Doing

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