Kids' Hockey Coach Arrested for Tripping Boy on Opposing Team & It's All Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

Hockey coach trips playerWell here's one of the most awful things you're going to see all day. It looks like a junior hockey coach in Vancouver may have tripped a 13-year-old boy on the opposing team during the handshake! The UBC Hornets coach, Martin Tremblay, had just led his team to a 5-4 victory. He claims he slipped, which caused the Richmond Steel kid to fall (and it looks like he inadvertently makes a second boy fall down as well). But after watching the tape, I'm kind of finding that pretty hard to believe.

Not only that, the first child he allegedly tripped suffered from a broken wrist and will have to be in a cast for two weeks.

On top of that, after the folks in the stands saw what happened, of course they started yelling at Tremblay. His response? He gave everyone in attendance the finger.

What the heck? After watching the video, you can see why so many parents of the Richmond Steel team are outraged and are calling for this coach's suspension!


Here's footage of the coach and the kids during handshakes:

I've seen some pretty messed up things being a long-time sports fan, but this takes the cake. Tremblay is a coach of young children! And he actually sought to (allegedly) intentionally injure another player during a time when players are supposed to acknowledge, respect, and tip their hats to each other -- during the handshake! What boggles my mind even more is that Tremblay's team didn't even lose the game.

So what the heck?? Whatever happened to sportsmanship?

And to then give everyone the bird when the fans inevitably started yelling at the coach? (Footage of him giving the finger after tripping the players was obtained by CTV News and of course doesn't help his case -- and those screenshots definitely can't be disrupted.) Some example this guy is giving to young athletes. I'm pretty sure the footage here speaks for itself. I really don't care what this 13-year-old did to make the coach react this way, but this guy clearly shouldn't be around children -- as well as, it seems, the rest of humanity.

Officers took Tremblay into custody after the incident, where he was questioned, released, and not charged. Not sure how this footage isn't considered evidence of some type of assault, but regardless, I think this coach should get suspended and taken far away from these young players ... ASAP.

What do you think should happen to this coach?


Image via TheProvinceOnline/YouTube

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