Kris Humphries Should Focus on His Last & Only Chance for Redemption

Kris HumphriesWhen you hear the name Kris Humphries, what's the very first thing that pops into your mind? I'm going to make an educated guess and say it's not him dressed up in a New Jersey Nets uniform running up and down the court.

Chances are it's a picture of him and Kim Kardashian hand in hand on their wedding day looking all blissful & happy -- because unless he seriously changes his ways, he'll always be "that dude who was married to Kim Kardashian for 72 days." (Sad, but true.)


It seems like most of what we hear in the media about Kris these days has very little to do with his career, and everything to do with his divorce from Kim, which seems to be getting nastier and more scandalous by the day.

And that's why it was kind of a refreshing change to hear about him doing something completely unrelated to the Kardashians, and having 100 percent to do with his loyal basketball fans. Kris Humphries recently turned up at an event at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut where he signed autographs, took plenty of pictures, and proved to fans that he is human, and has an identity that's completely separate from all his reality TV drama.

And if only he did things like this more often instead of whining to the press about Kim, his reputation would be a lot better, and people may actually have a change of heart and start to root for him a little bit. He just needs to put himself out there a little more and remind fans that before he was Mr. Kim Kardashian, he was an athlete with a promising future. Reconnecting with his fans is exactly what Kris needs to redeem himself and move forward in a positive direction.

Do you think Kris's ties to the Kardashians will ever really be severed?


Image via TMZ/YouTube

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