8 Reasons We're So Over Facebook

I thought maybe I was the only one totally over Facebook, but apparently not. A new survey says that Facebook users are down 5% in the past six months. This is bad news for the network, which is counting on new users to justify its IPO to investors. CEO Mark Zuckerberg now has other people to answer to when things aren't going well, and things are not going well!

But why aren't they? Facebook is still the largest social network, with 835 million users worldwide. And many of us keep checking in with it because most of our friends and family are on it. However, I think a lot of us are using it less. I even know a few people who have logged off entirely.  Here are 8 reasons we're so over Facebook.


Secretive. Facebook continues to pull shady moves on its users, changing privacy settings without notice, giving our information to advertisers and god only knows who else. The latest shady move comes with the site changing our contact email to a Facebook email without even telling us. I don't even know how to check my @facebook.com email, do you?

Being used. We're now being used as spokespeople for various companies via those ads on the right side of the page that tell us things like "Katie likes Samsung Mobile." Personally, I don't like being used as an unpaid spokesperson. Which is why I don't "like" much of anything anymore unless I have to.

Everyone on it. There was a time when knowing everything your best friend ate that day was exhilerating. Or knowing each and every burp and diaper change of your cousin's baby was amazing. Not anymore. We are burnt out.

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Alternatives. There are now many other ways to keep up with friends, family, and interests. Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. And they're a lot less invasive and sneaky.

Employers. A lot of them are blocking Facebook access. And we discovered we didn't mind.

Billions. Did anyone else love it when Zuckerberg and his early investors made billions off the IPO -- made billions off of US and our information? I didn't.

Timeline. Many of us didn't want this change that was forced on us. Although I still see people with the old profile, which makes me wonder if it was all one big threat. Another instance of Facebook being shady and untrustworthy.

Not new anymore. Just like most things, except soap and toilet paper, there comes a time when a product becomes old hat and people get bored with it.

Do you use Facebook less than you used to? Why?


Image via Scott Beale/Flickr

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