Matt Sandusky Details Father's Abuse in Heartbreaking Police Interview (VIDEO)

Jerry SanduskyUgh, could this scandal with disgraced Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky get any worse? Oh wait, it has, ever since his son, Matt, 33, came out and admitted that his own father abused him as well. And now, in a 29-minute taped interview with police just before his foster father's trial, he described how he was allegedly molested from ages 8 to 15. NBC aired part of the tape on the Today show for all of us to hear. So ... yeah. It's getting worse.

Matt Sandusky was adopted at age 18 by Jerry and his wife Dottie after living with them as a foster child; he first met Sandusky as a 7-year-old through the Second Mile, Sandusky's charity for underprivileged children. He must have felt a whirlwind of emotion on Friday when his father was convicted on 45 charges linked to the sexual abuse of 10 boys. Especially since these boys' stories of abuse were so similar to his own.


The details from the tape are horrendous. He says it was similar to the others' accounts about his father, with his showering, hugging, and rubbing. Unlike the other victims, Matt couldn't recall at the time if there was penetration or oral sex -- but is seeking therapy and says more memories are coming back. Matt also admits that he ran away from home and tried to commit suicide. "I really know I wanted to die at that point in time," he says.

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Before the trial, publicly, Matt had stood by his father. He even showed up on the first day of the trial and sat with his family. But after listening to testimony from a young man known as "Victim 4," he contacted the police. "I believe my dad moved on from me to [Victim 4]," Matt told them.

Ugh, this story just continues to break hearts, putting a black mark on the sports world and humanity in general. It's just so sad what this man put so many young men through. Those who are trying to find some redeeming quality in Jerry Sandusky will have an even more difficult time after listening to excerpts of tape.

And of course, our hearts go out to Matt, as he may have believed that this was something he had to do on behalf of "Victim 4" after listening to his testimony and that it was finally time to tell his family who his foster father truly is. Let's hope the victims, including Matt and his adopted siblings, get the help they all deserve.

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