29-Year-Old Virgin Lolo Jones Lands Spot On Olympic Team & Inspires All

Lolo Jones OlympianWhen I first heard all the hype about Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones and her sexual status, I thought it was a whole lot of fooey. In my eyes, I could care less if an athlete is a virgin, that has nothing to do with her performance in her sport. What I do care about, though, is seeing her succeed. Saturday night, that she did. Jones secured her spot on a second consecutive Olympic team at the U.S. Olympic Trials when she finished third in the women's 100-meter hurdles final with a time of 12.6 seconds. Wowza. I can't even tie my shoes in 12.6 seconds!

The more impressive story? Things have been hard for Jones since her last go at the gold. Last August, the 29-year-old underwent back surgery and a pair of hamstring injuries. Now after a whole lot of hard work she's back on the U.S. Olympic team and heading to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

If that's not a prime example of "If you want it, you can make it happen" -- I don't know what is.


Overcoming an injury as an athlete is a very big, scary thing. I can only imagine that for an Olympic athlete, it's 1,000 times worse. Knowing that there's something that stopping you from doing your best -- that isn't easy. I've totally been there. Yeah yeah, I'm no Olympic hurdler (HA!) but I do love running. I myself had some nerve damage that interrupted and stopped the training for my first full marathon last year. Was it was a hard pill to swallow? Sure thing. However, I knew that I needed to give myself enough recovery time so that at one point -- I'd be back to where I was.

Lolo has done the same and more. Her determination shows fans everywhere that perseverance is key, and personally I think that's the story worth telling -- not the one on her sexual status. Her sister Angie Jefferson said it best, I think, in an interview yesterday after the Olympic trials.

"She's a fighter," Jefferson said. "I told her, 'Nothing has come easy' or ever been handed to her. She fought."

That'a girl, Lolo. Now bring that energy along to London and kick some hurdle bootay.

Will you be watching the 2012 Olympics? Do you think Lolo is an inspiration?


Image via Christian Peterson/ Getty Images

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