Will LeBron James Be Even More Obnoxious Now That He Won? (VIDEO)

LeBron JamesAll right, I'll come out and admit it: I'm not the biggest LeBron James fan there ever was. But after years of scrutiny over when he'll finally take home the big prize, or if he ever would, he's finally shut up all the naysayers when Miami Heat beat Oklahoma City Thunder in a decisive 4-1 series. He's also the league MVP. So the question remains: Should the haters stop hating now?

The guy has always been divisive. Fans in Cleveland I'm sure aren't thrilled, feeling like this victory could have been theirs. You remember all that hype about his "Decision" back in 2010. No one can blame the guy for leaving, but it was completely unnecessary for him to announce his move to Miami to his fans that way, and it's been kind of hard to like him since.

So now that he's a champion? He proved that the move to Miami was the right one, so I guess it's time for the critics to shut up. But it may make him even more unlikable.


Here's LeBron talking about his big win:

Well, I'll have to say: You can certainly respect his talent and his win, but that doesn't mean you have to like the guy. Though I will say that it's extremely cute how he still kisses his mom, Gloria James, at halftime at every game.

Here's a prime example of why LeBron can be so polarizing: He was out celebrating his win ... until 6 a.m. TMZ even has some pictures (and of course, a video) of the party. He and his teammates went to LIV Miami nightclub at the Fontainebleau Hotel. LeBron was reportedly drinking out of a 15-liter bottle of Ace of Spades champagne, which can cost $75K! (Let's hope he tipped better than what he's been known for.)

Hey, I'm definitely not hating on him for that -- he deserves to let loose after becoming a national champion. But still, wearing a shirt with your own vampire face on it? Really, LeBron? When he does stuff like this, it drives me nuts!

Still, he isn't getting paid to be likable. So even though LeBron's got the talent and the championship to back it up, LeBron's going to continue to be LeBron, and if you don't like it, well, now he can just wave his trophies in your face all the way to the bank. But I can definitely see him becoming that much more obnoxious now that he's won his national title!

Are you a LeBron James fan? Does his winning a national championship change your opinion of him at all?

Image via MSN/FoxSports

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