One-Touch Playpen Will Change Parents' Lives Forever

playpenI'm going to let you watch the video below the jump and, once you pull your jaw off of the floor, invite you to read on. That's right: I've just seen the most incredible portable crib/playpen in the entire world.

In short, the 4moms Breeze opens and closes with a simple motion. You touch the center logo and push down and the entire thing folds out with a whoosh. When you're ready to close it, you simply pull up on a blue ribbon and it slides closed in a second.



After years of pack and plays that were, at best, torturously bad, the Breeze is literally a breath of fresh air. 4moms used a special pulley system to raise all of the sides at once and a simple pressure lock keeps everything in place. The kit is as big as a standard pack and play and it even has a solid bottom mat so junior can get a good night's sleep.

The creators credited the experience of opening and setting up older playpens with inspiring them to do something different. Unlike the millions of Gracos now gracing hotel closets and guest rooms across the country, the Breeze has no odd locking mechanisms nor is does it require much force to set up and close. In fact, you can hold a sleeping baby in one hand and set the Breeze up with the other.

I got a chance to see the Breeze a few days ago and although it's a little weird to be hyping up a baby playpen, trust me: this thing is worth looking into. It might be a bit more expensive than the traditional playpens we're all used to, but the convenience will definitely be worth it. 

4moms will start selling this thing in August of this year but they haven't named a price yet. However, since it's such a simple concept, don't expect it to cost more than competing playmats.

I have a hands-on video and some images over here. Take a look and express your amazement in comments.

Would you use this play pen?


Image via 4Moms/YouTube

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