10 Places Too Awkward to 'Check In' on Facebook or Anywhere Else

Facebook check inChecking in. Do you do it? I'm sure you must have before. No, I'm not talking about that occasional 8 p.m. phoner to your sister seeing what she's up to. I'm talking Facebook. Foursquare. Instagram. Telling people exactly where you are, you know, like a local coffee shop, bar, or store, and posting about what it is you're doing there.

I do it. I love it, actually. Living in a big city, a check-in helps me keep track of where I've been. Also, apps like Foursquare enable me to locate new places and make lists of where I want to go. Let's be real, though, there are some places you just don't check in. Do you really want your mother-in-law seeing you're at the pawn shop selling off Grandma's gold bracelet? Eeeesh, probably not.

Thus I present you with 10 places you most definitely should NEVER check in:


1. The gynecologist: Why yes, I did get tested for HPV today. How did you know?! ... Oh.

2. Your residence: Not so smart to let strangers know where you sleep, hang, and do your personal business.

3. Six ice cream places ... in one day: Do you really want to come off as a fatty-no-friends? I mean listen, I too LOVE ice cream. Perhaps just check in to the BEST one. Pinkberry, anyone?

4. Psych ward: Have fun explaining this one to your parents.

5. ANY bar after 11 p.m. on a work night: Oh sure, because it's always fun for your boss to KNOW you're hungover sitting five feet away from one another the next morning.

6. Alcoholics Anonymous: Something best kept private, don't you think?

7. Anywhere on a "sick day": Don't rat yourself out!

8. A funeral home: I'm pretty positive there are more important things for you to be doing at a funeral home than playing on a smartphone.

9. The airport: You may as well hand over the keys to your house to every stranger with access to a computer.

10. Jail: Well, this is just awkward.

Do you check in?


Image via lululemon athletica/Flickr

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