Another Dumb Guy Revenge-Posts Naked Pictures of an Ex on Facebook & Gets Arrested

Trying to get revenge by using technology is a very tempting idea -- it's so easy! -- but not a very good one. For one, you leave a lot of evidence behind. And it might seem like revenge posts on Facebook won't have "real world" consequences, but they absolutely can, and often do. One man discovered this when he was arrested for allegedly posting two naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend on his wall -- and then tagging her with them.


I know break-ups can be awful, and you may be tempted to take those intimate or otherwise embarrassing photos of your ex and let everyone see them -- but don't do it! First, it's just rude. Second, it makes YOU look like the jerk. And third, it's illegal.

The 22-year-old man, John Antonaras, found this out when he posted the nudie photos of his ex on his wall, and then put her name on them, which would have tagged her if they were still Facebook "friends." News reports say the two remained real world friends (until he pulled this stunt), so she probably saw the photos after being tagged. This would have sent the photos onto her wall as well.

He probably thought he was embarrassing her with this childish display, but he was really embarrassing himself. I don't know how many Facebook friends he had, but imagine being a woman on that list. Would you ever, EVER date this dude?

The guy also broke another rule of harassment -- he sent her unwanted text messages, which she then showed to police. Hey, youngin's, I know none of y'all talk on the phone anymore, but sending harassing texts is just a recipe for trouble. You can't even deny you did it!

If you must, simply must, tell off your ex, the best bet is to say whatever you need to say to his or her face, in private. For one, that is the respectful thing to do. Secondly, you can't get arrested (unless whatever you're saying is threatening) this way. And, lastly, you won't leave behind a mountain of evidence.

Better yet, get some therapy, and get over it.

Have you ever posted stuff on Facebook to embarrass someone?


Image via MoneyBlog/Flickr

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