Tony Parker Gets Glass in His Eye During Chris Brown & Drake's Bar Fight

Tony ParkerYou heard about Chris Brown & Drake getting into a fight at a club in New York last week, right? They apparently had a bit of a scuffle over Rihanna, which resulted in bottles being thrown through the air. (Crazy kids.) And while Chris wound up with a cut on his chin -- another high profile club-goer was also injured in the brawl. NBA player Tony Parker was hit in the eye with a piece of glass. (Ouch!)

According to Tony, he was just chillin' with his friends and said, "Bottles started flying everywhere. I tried to protect my girlfriend and I got everything. The cornea was affected. I cannot do anything for seven days ... I was lucky ... [They] almost had to give me stitches."


Um -- yeah. He was lucky, alright. Because getting a shard of glass lodged in your eye isn't exactly the best case scenario for a professional athlete -- let alone a basketball player who is expected to successfully sink three-point shots.

What if the glass had gone in deeper and destroyed his vision? That would've been a game changer for sure -- all because Tony decided to have a night out on the town.

If anything, the incident should make him (and basically anyone for that matter) think twice about remaining at a venue after discovering Chris Brown is also present. That dude is obviously an accident waiting to happen, and bad things seem to follow him wherever he goes.

At the very least if Tony ever runs into him again, he should think about carrying protective eye wear in his pocket just in case.

Were you surprised to hear about the bar brawl between Chris Brown & Drake?


Image via Ronald Martinez/Getty

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