Dad Athletes With Enough Kids to Start Their Own Teams (PHOTOS)

Jill Baughman | Jun 17, 2012 Good News

Matt Birk familyMatt Birk's familyHappy Father's Day everyone! I hope every dad gets the chance to sit back and relax with a cold one -- even super-famous athlete dads, whose energy levels to be both a father and a professional sports star are something to be envied. Especially guys with four-plus kids running around!

And boy, quite a few professional athletes really know how to procreate. Granted, some, such as Antonio Cromartie (who has seven children with multiple women) and Larry Johnson (who has five children with four different women), probably do not represent an idyllic pillar of fatherhood. But there are others who are fantastic dads, so I'm going to keep this list to guys who've had (or are expecting) four or more kids with the same woman. Yes, believe it or not, they're out there!

Check out our list of professional athlete fathers who have enough kids to start their own teams someday!

Who's your favorite pro or retired athlete dad?

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  • David Beckham


    Image via Calebrw/Wikimedia

    David Beckham has 4 kids, Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Cruz David & Harper Seven, with Victoria Beckham.

  • Shawn Bradley


    Image via DVIDS Archive/Wikimedia

    Shawn Bradley, retired NBA player, and wife Annette have six children: daughters Cheyenne, Ciera, Chelsea, and Charity and sons Chance and Chase.

  • Matt Birk


    Image via Jeff Weese/Wikimedia


    Matt Birk, center for the Baltimore Ravens, and his wife Adrianna just welcomed their sixth child in December 2011. That's him and his family in the above photo.

  • George Foreman


    Image via el grito/Flickr


    George Foreman, the former World Heavyweight Champion, has been married to Mary Joan Martelly since 1985, with whom he has six kids. But he also had four other wives and fathered 11 children total, including five sons, all named George. He admits that learning how to be a father was "hard-won" and all around seems to be a pretty good dad.

  • Albert Pujols


    Image viaUCInternational/Wikimedia


    Albert Pujols, first baseman for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, married his wife, Deidre, on January 1, 2000. They have four children, Isabella (Deidre's daughter from a previous relationship), Albert Jr., Sophia, and Ezra. They are expecting their fifth child this fall.

  • Derian Hatcher


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    Derian Hatcher is a retired professional hockey player who played for 16 seasons in the NHL. He and wife Heather have five children: sons Chase and Kelton and daughters Shallyn, Hallie, and Finley.

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