Lance Armstrong Faces New Doping Allegations -- Could This End His Cycling Career for Good? (VIDEO)

Lance ArmstrongTour de France winner Lance Armstrong is facing doping allegations as new charges have been filed against him by the USADA.

The agency claims that Lance used EPO (a blood booster), testosterone, blood transfusions, anti-inflammatory steroids, and human growth hormone in order to improve his performance and endurance. They also supposedly have witnesses ready to testify that they either saw Lance using these methods or heard him talk about using them.


Lance is no stranger to doping charges, as he's dealt with them since his first Tour de France win in 1999. He was cleared of those charges in February and thought his battle was finally over for good. But this time -- things are much uglier. Not only is he immediately barred from competing in triathlons due to the charges -- if he's found guilty, he could also lose his seven Tour de France victories. And on top of that, he could be forced to quit cycling for good. (Ugh. Wouldn't that be awful?!)

Lance vehemently denies that he ever used blood doping or other methods, and insists the charges brought against him are "baseless" and "motivated by spite." And his attorney Robert Luskin wrote a letter maintaining his client's innocence and said, "It is a vendetta, which has nothing to do with learning the truth and everything to do with settling a score and garnering publicity at Lance's expense."

The USADA expects a case hearing by November, but hopefully Lance will be cleared of these charges and will be able to get back to the career he loves so much. He's a role model and a sports hero to so many people, and it would be absolutely horrible for fans to think that he isn't the honest man they've been cheering for all these years.

You can hear more about the doping allegations in the video clip below.

Do you think Lance Armstrong is innocent?


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