Naughty Moms and Dads Are Sexting to Keep Things Hot

phoneTechnology has made our lives easier in so many ways, and hell in so many other ways, but it has also made our lives undeniably sexier in some ways. And I'm not talking about YouPorn. I'm talking about sexting. Oh, yes. And it's not just the teens and young adults doing it. Apparently one quarter of women between 35-44 and one-fifth of moms and dads with young kids sext. That's right, mom ain't just reading "mommy porn," she's tapping it out on the smartphone. And that ain't all ...


Apparently mom and dad aren't just sending sexy words to each other but they're also sending XXX pictures and videos. At least 5 percent of moms have done this, and 11 percent of dads. Since the numbers aren't equal, I assume that means that dad is sending pics of his peen to mom -- who just giggles and sends nothing back. Or dad is divorced. Because dad would never send dirty pics to a woman who wasn't his wife, right? Haha. Right-o.

Anyway, the surprising thing is that neither mom nor dad seem concerned about what could happen to these photos and videos if the phone got lost. Only 3 percent of them said they'd even care. Which makes sense since, unless your mom is Scarlett Johansson and your dad Ryan Gosling, no one who finds your phone wants to SEE your dirty pics and sexts. Ew!

None of this is a huge surprise to me. Of course moms and dads like to sext! There is nothing like a little sexting while at work to perk up your day. And a little sexting can really help keep a spark in things.

So keep sexting away, moms and dads. To each other, of course, you rascals. And don't let the kiddies near the phone unless you want to traumatize them for life!

Do you sext?


Image via functoruser/Flickr

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