Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Trial Day 2 & Details Get Even More Sickening

The second day of testimony in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial turned out to be just as horrific and heartwrenching as the first. Today, an 18-year-old young man identified only as Victim One told his story of molestation and abuse by the former highly respected football coach, and it was every bit as creepy and disturbing as the testimony of Victim Four yesterday. The man also gave telling, graphic, and specific details of sex abuse.


Victim One, now 18, says he was about 12 when the abuse started. He was tearful on the stand as he recounted about the former Penn State assistant football coach:

After kissing my forehead and cheek, he moved to my lips. He kissed my lips, then he moved to my back again ... Then he started to rub underneath my shorts.

He also stated that Sandusky would initiate things by "blowing" on his stomach and performing oral sex on him. There's just something about that small detail of having someone blow on his stomach that rings like truth in my opinion. It just seems something too odd, and too small, to make up. He offered another odd little detail: Sandusky would also initiate sexual contact by coming into a furnished room in the Sandusky household that he would often stay in, and offer to "crack" his back. Again, such a strange, small, telling detail.

Sandusky's lawyers say that most of the victims have civil trials pending against him and therefore are looking to profit from false stories of abuse.

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