Man Gets George Zimmerman's Old Phone Number -- Here Are 15 More You Don't Want

So imagine you get a new cellphone and number and suddenly you are bombarded with death threats. At least 70 calls. People yelling things like, "You deserve to die!" And you're all, "What the hell did I do?!" But it scares the bejesus out of you, so you pack up and move. And take your mother with you. And then your cell carrier is all, "Ohhhh, we gave you George Zimmerman's old phone number." Whoopsie daisy!


Apparently this happened to a Florida man named Junior Alexander Guy. He got the number of the guy accused of killing Trayvon Martin and now he's lawyered up and is suing T-Mobile. But T-Mobile is not taking his calls anymore.

The company did reportedly give him a new phone number, and an account credit, and waived his early termination fee (duh!), but they're refusing to tack on money for undisclosed damages (i.e. whatever "emotional distress" I'm guessing the lawyer is claiming).

You'd think the company would at least cough up for the guy's move, but there are a lot of despised people in the world, and those people usually have phone numbers. Imagine if phone companies had to shell out cash every time someone received the digits of a douche.

Here are 15 other old phone numbers we'd really want to avoid:

- Casey Anthony

- Bernie Madoff

- Anthony Weiner

- John Edwards

- Luka Rocco Magnotta

- Kim Kardashian

- Kanye West right after his "Ima let you finish" rant

- Amber Portwood

- Gwyneth Paltrow

- Gov. Scott Walker

- Rush Limbaugh

- Spencer Pratt

- Teresa Giudice

- Angelina Jolie for at least five years after Brad dumped Jen

- Anyone named "Nevaeh"

What's an old phone number you'd really want to avoid?


Image via Cote/Flickr

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