Chad Ochocinco Released by Patriots But He Don't Need No Stinkin' Football

Chad Ochocinco
Chad Ochocinco
Well, that didn't last long. It's been confirmed that Chad Ochocinco, wide receiver for the New England Patriots, was released from the team today.

After just one season (though he did get paid $5.75 million for it, not too shabby) playing for New England, of course Chad took to Twitter to confirm the news: "Thoroughly enjoyed the oppurtunity to play for the 'Patriot' organization... fans were f------ wicked awesome, I wish all of you the best..." I'm glad that he kept it classy!

Doesn't even seem like it was the veteran's athleticism that was the issue -- it was his inability to learn the Patriots playbook. Luckily, Ochocinco does have some options at his disposal, though I'm sure his number one priority will be to find a home at a different team. But if not? Won't be the worst thing in the world. Let's discuss, shall we?


1.) Lots of teams need the help and guidance of a veteran wide receiver. Maybe he could try his hand at coaching, even if it's not at the pro football level. Since he's so involved with his charities, especially with children, he'd be a great guy to help give young kids a better start in life.

2.) Chad could make a career based on his Twitter antics alone. People who don't even watch football follow him because he's freakin' hilarious. Hell, he could even be a social media professor -- that's a class I'd definitely sign up for!

3.) Chad can become a full-time reality TV star. He's engaged to VH1′s Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada. Maybe he could go the way of Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian. They have been trying to film their wedding and kick off a reality series -- so this could become Chad's new 24/7 gig.

4.) There's no doubt that Chad's a good-looking guy with a hot-looking body. It'd probably be a lot less stressful to just model and be pretty, wouldn't it? I'm sure a lot of companies would love to put his handsome mug on their products to represent their brands. May be a lucrative but relatively stress-free way to go.

5.) Chad's really, very funny, like I said before. On top of his Twitter antics, he's funny in person too; he would make a great sideline reporter or NFL broadcaster. Check out this video of him reporting from a Pro Bowl practice:

See what I mean? That said, I hope Chad will land on his feet and not go by the way of Terrell Owens. Chad could succeed on sheer personality and charisma (and hot body) alone, so even if his football days are over, there may be plenty of options for a guy like him if he still wants to stay in the spotlight.

Are you surprised the Patriots released Chad Ochocinco? Are you a fan of his?


Image via Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia Commons

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