Woman Kills Boyfriend Over iPhone & We're Not Surprised

We all get attached to our iPhones, but one woman was SO attached that she killed the teen who broke it -- even though he happened to be her boyfriend. Last night, a Bronx woman, who is 25, got into a fight with her boyfriend, who is 18, and at some point, either on purpose or by accident, the boy shattered her phone. So she gunned the SUV she was driving and ran him down, killing him. While I have no doubt that the iPhone was only part of what happened here -- technology can seem to make people crazy.


In April, a young chef was killed and his iPhone (but not his cash!) was stolen. Last year, we heard about a 12-year-old boy who killed his grandmother in an argument over a videogame. And there was the dad who tied up his 4-year-old so he could play videogames in peace.

In the case of Jasmine Hernandez, the woman who ran down her teen boyfriend after he busted her iPhone, friends say the couple had a "volatile" relationship. In fact, they'd just had an argument before the phone hit the pavement. Still, the phone was a catalyst for Jasmine's rage. Would she have reacted the same if, say, her bf had called her a name? Stomped on her purse? I don't think so. I think nowadays people are so wrapped up in technology that it almost becomes an extension of their psyche. Not to mention that computers and iPhones can contain a lot of private information that can be difficult to get back if something happens to them. This doesn't excuse anyone who acts violently over tech, but I can see how loss of reams of personal info can send you over the edge more than, say, losing a piece of jewelry.

Additionally, tech has become THE status symbol. A lot of people wait in line for hours for the latest iPhone, iPad, videogame, or computer. It's something people brag about -- almost a part of their identity.

I don't think anyone who doesn't have other issues is going to suddenly go berserk and kill someone over a phone or handheld device. But someone who already has major issues, who already has a non-existent sense of self? Personally, I'd stay away from their tech.

Do you think tech can make people crazy?


Image via Ricky Romero/Flickr

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