Steve Carrell Tells Princeton Grads Texting Has Ruined Getting Dumped

steve carellKids these days are getting off easy.

That's the message Steve Carell delivered during his graduation speech to Princeton's Class of 2012.

According to The Office star, social media has made dumping someone entirely pain free and that's just not fair. 

Back in his day, you had to endure that awkward face-to-face or  phone call. But noooooooo. Not anymore. You can cut someone loose in 140 characters or less.


But Carell has a warning for these text-obsessed graduates. All those uncomfortable moments they avoid are actually essential. They gave him "the humliation and self-loathing [needed] for his point is, I suffered and you should have to suffer too."

Sweet huh? But he has a point. Life is way too easy for Gen Y. Smart phones have turned them into virtual cowards. They can tease, pester, or profess their love to someone all without showering and leaving the house.

And some of these future leaders of America have never even  used a library. Why should they when they can find everything on Wikepedia, right?

"If we didn't know something, we didn't Google it. We just made an educated guess, or we made it up," Carrell joked. "We pretended that we knew and that was good enough . . . And if you weren't right, you could leave before anyone had time to check your facts."

Oh, the good 'ol days! His final bit of advice:

"Show up on time, because to be late is to show disrespect. Remember the words regime and regiment are not interchangeable. Get a dog because cats are lame. And every once in awhile, put something positive into the world. We've become so cynical these days and by 'we,' I mean us. So do something kind, make somebody laugh and don't take yourself too seriously."

See! There are still some worthwhile things even an iPhone can't help you do.

Do you think we are too reliant on texting and tech gadgets?


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