Jerry Sandusky Love Letters to Victim Reported to Be Among the Disgusting Evidence (VIDEO)

jerry sanduskyNow that jury selection is underway in the Jerry Sandusky case and the trial is set to begin, new details of the scandal were bound to surface in one way or another. And disgustingly, it looks like there is indeed fresh evidence, and it comes in the form of love letters of an "intimate" nature that Jerry allegedly wrote to one of his victims. (Eww!)

The letters are apparently written in Jerry's handwriting and will be presented to the jury as circumstantial evidence in his case. And while there aren't concrete details about the exact nature of the letters, supposedly one of them is written from a third person perspective and tells the story of a man and a boy in love. (And now I seriously think I might throw up.)


I know there's that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing, and that Sandusky still denies that he ever molested any boys during his career with the Penn State Nittany Lions. But I just don't see how there can be so many accusations against him without there being truth in the matter. And if he truly did pen these love letters -- I honestly don't know how his attorney is going to manage to explain them.

To hear more about the upcoming Jerry Sandusky trial, check out the video clip below.

Do you think there is any way the jury will give Jerry Sandusky a not guilty verdict?

Image via Patrick Smith/Getty

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