Lamar Odom's Rumored Money Issues Scam $5K Out of Penny Marshall

lamar odomPoor Lamar Odom. First, his basketball career hits the skids. Then his reality show takes a hike (permanently, we think ... ). Then he was denied his playoff bonus money. Plus, he has to put up with Kris Jenner. Oof. And now Lamar's down-on-his-luckness is apparently so well-known that someone not associated with him decided to take advantage of it to scam a celebrity out of thousands of dollars. TMZ says that a man claiming to be Lamar's assistant gave director Penny Marshall (you know, Laverne!) a phone number, saying it belonged to the former Laker. And Marshall is a huge Lakers fan, so she began texting "Lamar." What happened next is just bizarre.


Apparently Penny was texting back and forth with "Lamar" when he asked her to loan his assistant some cash -- at least $5,000. NOW. This is odd in and of itself. But I guess if you believe Lamar has no money to pay the assistant himself, and you feel sorry for Lamar, and you want Lamar to have an assistant, and you're kind of a gullible dupe, then you send "Lamar" some cash. And then "Lamar" stops texting you.

At this point Penny apparently contacted the real Lamar and asked about the cash. Which, I'm thinking, she should have done in the first place. And Lamar, poor guy, told her he doesn't even HAVE an assistant. What celeb doesn't have an assistant?! Anyway ...

This all sounds kind of implausible, but reportedly Penny has filed a police report and they've opened an investigation against the fake Lamar assistant. Oh, well, at least the real Lamar knows he's got one true fan: Penny Marshall!

Would you give your favorite cash-strapped celeb's assistant some money?


Image via david_shakebone/ Flickr

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