Pro Soccer Player Replaced by a 5-Year-Old & His First Goal Is Epic (VIDEO)

5 year old scores goalThis is most definitely going to be the cutest video that you won't be able to understand a word of that you'll see all day! In perhaps one of the coolest moments in soccer (and sports in general!) I've ever seen, Russian soccer player Vadim Evseev was playing his final game before retiring about a week ago, and his team was down 4-1. He was then replaced by possibly the cutest and youngest player ever seen in professional soccer, 5-year-old Khrisan Dzeus.

Earlier reports said that this little boy was Vadim's son, but that doesn't seem to be the case -- he was given the opportunity to play in the game by Evseev as a heartfelt thank-you to the boy's father. Khrisan's dad is the CEO of a Russian children's charity that hosts numerous soccer camps.

But that doesn't make this clip any less awww-worthy. Watch how both teams rally to give this kid a moment he'll never forget!


Can't help but give props to the opposing team, and those dives toward the end are hilarious but heartwarming. (Hey, fake, dramatic dives are expected in soccer anyway!) Why do I have the feeling this is something you wouldn't see in professional sports in America? 

Regardless, I think all these guys made this little kid's life. With all the crazy news with shootings and face-eating zombies, this video helps restore a little bit of my faith in humanity. Plus, that boy has some serious moves. It's not like the defense wasn't trying, amirite? I would love to see a translated version of this! Kudos to both teams for letting this boy have this incredible, amazing moment.

Did this video just make your day? It made mine!

Image via TheChive

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