Lil Wayne's Massive Ego Gets Checked at Oklahoma City Thunder Game

lil wayneHave you ever noticed how so many celebrities seem to overestimate their importance? It's like they think having a name that people other than their friends and family recognize somehow makes them entitled to special privileges or something. And rapper Lil Wayne is no different, because he figured being "Lil Wayne" meant he should be able to walk into the Oklahoma City Thunder game against the Spurs and score court-side seats without a ticket. (What a diva!)

He was pretty bent out of shape about not being able to enjoy all of the action from the front row -- even though the game at Chesapeake Energy Arena was completely sold out. (How exactly did he expect to get a seat if there were no tickets?)


He voiced his frustrations on Twitter and said, "Was going to go to the Thunder game tonight but was denied by the team to be in their arena. Wow. Smh. Go Spurs!"

Hmm. Last time I checked, being denied access to a sporting event and not having a ticket to attend the sporting event were two totally different things. But apparently Lil Wayne doesn't know the difference.

I gotta give major props to the Oklahoma City Thunder for refusing to let him into the game. They must have known there was the possibility of him making a big stink about it, and it was very professional of them to stick to their guns -- especially when their spokesman fired back at his little outburst by saying:

"We'd love to have him at a game, but like anyone else, he needs a ticket."

(Ya hear that, Lil Wayne? You need a ticket "like anyone else.")

Hopefully he learned his lesson, and next time he'll make sure to order tickets well in advance of attending the games. And maybe he'll also humble himself a bit and check his ego at the door. (One can hope.)

Do you think high profile people should be exempt from having to buy tickets to sporting events?


Image via Sarah Glenn/Getty

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