Funny 'Amercia Is With Mitt!' Meme Taunts Romney for Ridiculous Misspelling (PHOTOS)

FAIL A better amercia mitt romneyJust when Mitt Romney thought he was going to be stereotyped as the "Evil Capitalist Ken doll" running for President, now he's got a new reputation to shrug off: George W. Bush, Part 2! Yuuup. He's coming off as the kind of politician who would usher in a whole new era of "idiocracy," thanks to a moronic move his campaign recently made. They launched an app that was supposed to let people show and share their support for Mitt by taking photos, then overlaying stirring messages on them like "American Greatness" or "I'm a Mom for Mitt." But one of the banners read, "A BETTER AMERCIA." Ohhhhh boy. Aww, I guess Camp Mittens doesn't train their interns to spell-check? HA!

So, there's no way in hell that wasn't becoming a meme overnight. People have been tweeting up a storm making fun of the slogan, and there's even a Tumblr devoted to some of the best gag pics. Here, a few of our faves ...


know I'm not the only one who finds this more than slightly terrifying ...

mitt romney amercia


dictionary amercia mitt


Maybe instead of winning the presidency, we could tell Mitt he won this ...

spelling award mitt romney amercia


Yea, you know, the people who are all for "boycotting Mexico" and making English the official language of the U.S.? Not always the ones with the most, err, working knowledge of said language ...

speak english amercia mitt


amercia speak english

Last but certainly not least ... We know a guy like this would definitely be for Mitt.

George W. Bush a better amercia 

Sure, sometimes silly web memes are just meant to poke fun, but other times, they're meant to forewarn ... Think about that one, "Amercia."

What photo would you slap "A Better Amercia" on?


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