5 Sly Ways to Use Twitter to Get What You Want

TwitterIn my experience, I find that you either absolutely love Twitter or you absolutely hate it. For me, I adore it. Heck, the site is how I get most of my news. It's one of the first spots I check during my morning crawl. It's where I kill time and post updates in 140 characters of my own. 

What if I told you haters (and fans, too) that there are MANY ways to use Twitter to get what you want. Yup. I'm not just talking your standard reverse psychology subliminal Facebook-style status updates to get some man to notice you, either. Gift cards, restaurant suggestions, perhaps even some coupons?

Lend me your ears, friends, and let me teach you my ways:


If you want: A potential employer to notice you
First things first, make sure to clean up your social media game. Don't drunk Tweet and make sure to use appropriate grammar. When you have the initial bases covered, follow their account on the popular site. Is your application sent in? Then feel free to tweet at them, complimenting something about their business. Companies always love the good feedback.

If you want: A refund for bad service
A lot of chain restaurants, coffee shops, and the like make it a priority to tune in to what their customers are saying about their experiences online. If you have a bad experience, they'd rather fix the situation with you privately than have you go blabbing about it through social media. Send one "dissatisfied tweet," and I betcha bottom dollar you'll hear back and, quite possibly, get the next round on them.

If you want: To find a good spot to go out this weekend
Ask for suggestions from your Twitter friends, but be specific. Using trigger words will help others on Twitter help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and precede those with hashtags. Example: #Rooftop. #Dancing. #Sushi. Those sorts of things.

If you want: A free meal
A lot of companies like to reward you on your birthday. Is your big day coming up? Head to Twitter and tweet to some of your favorite spots about your celebration. I wouldn't be surprised if someone tweets you back asking you to send over your information in a direct message.

Also, a lot of companies do massive Twitter promotions (McDonald's being one I used often). Follow places you go to often, and look out for coupons and special deals at random times. Trust me, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

If you want: Cheap clothes
Same thing goes here. Clothing companies tweet coupons ALL of the time! DSW (@DSWshoelovers) is one of my favorite companies to follow on Twitter because they do free shoes giveaways ALL of the time. You never know what's out there until you click "follow." The best part? Clicking "unfollow" is JUST as easy!

Do you have any tricks of the Twitter trade? Ever found any great deals by using the site?


Image via eldh/Flickr

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