Tim Tebow’s ‘Secret Girlfriend’ Rumor Causes Internet to Explode

Tim Tebow secret girlfriend
This started it all.

Man, for a guy who hasn't even played a single game as a New York Jet yet, Tim Tebow is certainly making plenty of headlines during the off-season. The latest juicy tidbit? Tim Tebow has ... wait for it ... A SECRET GIRLFRIEND. (!!!)

Of course, the Internet has abounded with speculation about who the girl is, and amazingly Tebow didn't have to do a single thing to get all this attention (well, this time). But it seems we can't stop talking about him! From the controversy with his "Jesus" shirts to having his virginity on sale to posing with a bunch of "strippers," it seems the circus surrounding his arrival to one of the most media-obsessed professional teams in sports has more than begun. All it takes is one tweet from another athlete to have the entire Internet wondering: Who the heck is the SECRET GIRLFRIEND?!


I guess it's up to New York Jets center Nick Mangold to figure out who the girlfriend is, even though other Jets players have made it known that they really want Tim and Lolo to get together. Of course everyone immediately assumed that Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow would make the perfect couple, um, since I guess the fact that they're both virgins means they're a match made in heaven? I had no idea that virginity was a telltale sign for a long, happy relationship, but I digress.

Seriously, though, I kind of wish Lolo hadn't tweeted something so personal about Tebow's life for the world to see, because now speculation won't end on who the secret girlfriend is (oh come on, you're curious, too). Ever since Lolo has come out about her virginity, comparisons of the two have been incessant, turning their rather personal decisions into something of a joke. Though I do think Lolo's decision to talk about her virginity was more for headlines than anything -- and boy did she succeed.

But whoever Tebow's girlfriend may turn out to be, I do hope for his sake that they keep it a secret for as long as possible! And I am looking forward to the NFL season starting so we can report on his throwing ability instead of his sex life.

Do you think Tim Tebow really has a secret girlfriend? Should Lolo Jones have tweeted about it?


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