Tom Brady's 'Boston Accent' Isn't Real, But It's Hysterical (VIDEO)

tom brady

Ok, I have a confession to make. I really don't like Tom Brady -- or at least I really don't want to like Tom Brady. (You know, because his wife Gisele Bundchen makes me want to scream every time she opens her mouth.) But after seeing the new Funny or Die video where Tom gets all bent out of shape about being teased for a Boston accent he doesn't have? Darn -- I think I might kinda like the dude. (Just a little bit.)

The video takes place in a Dick's Sporting Goods shop in L.A., and Tom pretty much winds up with the sales clerk from hell when he asks for a little help finding some golf gear.


Here's the clip -- make sure to watch it up until the end, because that's the funniest part.


Please tell me I'm not the only person who busted out laughing when he smacked that cardboard cut-out of himself?! I never would've pegged Tom for a guy with a decent sense of humor, but seeing him make fun of himself definitely took him up a notch or two in my book. I dig a man who doesn't take himself too seriously. (Maybe he's more than just Mr. Gisele after all.)

And as for his wicked Boston accent? Yeah, he definitely doesn't have one. But a few more years living in New England may change that. And it would be wicked cool if he did eventually pick up a bit of the dialect.

What did you think of Tom's comedy act in this video?


Image via Funny or Die

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