Justin Bieber Trained With Mike Tyson Only Days Before Alleged Photog Attack (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Mike TysonI guess there's nothing like a little training with a world-famous boxer to make you feel badass enough to assault a paparazzo? It turns out Justin Bieber was learning some tips from Mike Tyson and sparring with him (well, Tyson was holding the bag ...) just days before Bieber allegedly struck a photographer. Of course there's video of him training, which has circulated the 'net in light of Biebs becoming a wanted kid man.

The photographer, who hasn't been identified yet, said Bieber struck him in the face on Sunday when he was on a date with Selena Gomez. Apparently the photographer was blocking Bieber's car, which led to the hit.

Hey, since adrenaline courses through one's body while training for a fight (I'm just assuming here, since I've never punched anything), maybe Bieber thought just reacted and used his new moves on this paparazzo, who I'm sure got his adrenaline rushing as well.


Check out the video of Biebs' boxing moves:

Kind of wish we got to see Bieber actually sparring with Tyson, don't you? And who knows, maybe the Biebs does believe that picking up a few moves could help protect him from the ridiculously annoying papparazzi that are in his face 24/7. Bieber is also a huge boxing fan, so needless to say, I wouldn't be surprised if he has days when he really wants to just beat the crap out of some of these photographers.

And since the photographer who Bieber supposedly hit got tips from a lawyer to call an ambulance and file a police report, I hope the only thing he gets is the humiliation of getting smacked by an 18-year-old Biebs and not a penny more. Bieber has still not come forward for questioning after the alleged assault that left him without a shoe and hat. Hopefully Biebs will put the fighting and training aside for now, but it's unfortunate he has to deal with tidying up the messy loose ends from this incident since I'm sure this photographer is looking at the Biebs now and all he sees is $$$$.

Do you think Bieber training with Mike Tyson days before attacking a photographer are related at all?


Image via TheToshpoint/YouTube

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