Military Dad Pulls Sneaky Surprise on Family & Entire Baseball Stadium (VIDEO)

Military homecoming braves gameWhen I tune into a baseball game, there's one thing I want to watch. Baseball. But like every rule, this is one that has an exception. I am a sucker for military homecomings smack dab in the middle of my innings. And man, oh man, did the Atlanta Braves give us a good one this week.

They actually managed to make everyone in Turner Field an emotional mess when they followed up a Jumbotron message from Master Sgt. David Sims by having Sims himself jump out of the dugout to surprise his wife and kids. He'd spent 24 hours trying to get there from Afghanistan, and boy did he make it worth it!


Considering the last time the soldier came home from overseas, he arrived in a Christmas box to give wife Robin her best Christmas present ever, he had to go big if he really want to shock her. And I'll hand it to the Tribe, they reminded us why baseball is America's game. The Braves reminded us that family comes first. Check out how it all went down:

I think that was worth interrupting baseball for, don't you? It's a nice reminder that we Americans get to enjoy simple pleasures like taking in a baseball game on a spring day because of the people who give up their time with their families to fight overseas.

What's the coolest surprise you've seen a military person accomplish with the help of a sports team?


Image via HLN

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