The Worst Possible Time to Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook

bride on laptopIt wasn't until I spoke with photographers my fiance and I are considering hiring that I found out just how much technology is wrecking weddings these days. The lovely couple told us that even during the ceremony, they've seen guests engrossed in texting, tweeting, or, at the very least, taking in the action through their smartphone camera (as opposed to seeing and experiencing it right in front of them). But now, we have proof that it's not just guests wrecking their wedding-going experience this way. Almost half of brides are just as guilty!

According to a David's Bridal online survey, 49 percent of women polled said they did or likely would update their Facebook relationship status from "engaged" to "married" between the ceremony and the reception. Come ON. You've got to be kidding!


Making matters worse: People start hounding the couples who drag their feet with it. Ugh, give me a break!

It's one thing if you're talking about a four-day Indian wedding, but even then! Most brides go straight from their ceremony into a cocktail hour and/or photo session. Meanwhile, they're having their Maid of Honor bring them a champagne flute and their smartphone? Or an iPad? So they can make sure all of Facebook knows they tied the knot? What's next -- "You may kiss the bride ... and update your Facebook status!" (Actually, I think that is already happening. Sigh.)

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Don't these brides want to focus on what's going on in front of them? Furthermore, aren't at least a few people they're "sharing" with on Facebook annoyed that they're not at the wedding? They may feel resentful about the whole up-to-the-minute play-by-play. (And I've seen that happen quite a bit now. Some guests seem to feel its their job to be the social media commentators, keeping Facebook updated on the event from start to finish.)

Of course these brides are just excited that they've finally jumped the broom, taken the plunge, watched as their hubby crushed the glass and everyone yelled, "Mazel tov!" But inviting Facebook to your wedding really does nothing to enhance the moment. The people who are most important to you should be there, and if they can't be, they shouldn't have to rely on Facebook to know you're getting hitched that day.

I really admire brides who wait a day or two -- maybe even until they're back from their honeymoon! -- to change their relationship status. That's the kind of bride I plan to be. Because it proves that you're living in the moment, being present, and not inadvertently missing out on one of the most important moments of your lives.

How do you feel about brides/grooms changing their Facebook relationship status right after the ceremony?

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