Big, Bad Chad Ochocinco Hilariously Tears Up Over Stolen Starbucks Gold Card (VIDEO)

Chad OchocincoPoor, poor Chad Ochocinco. Not only does he have one of the dumbest names in sports (though Metta World Peace may have a leg up on him), but the wide receiver of the New England Patriots just got robbed!

Chad created a video of his reaction to the whole fiasco and of course immediately posted it on Twitter. He discovered someone broke into his car when all he wanted was to go get some IHOP that morning. (Who doesn't?) Unfortunately, he left his wallet in the car. His credit cards were stolen, but no big deal, he can cancel those. His license too, but oh well, it'll take a few days to get a new one. So, can you take a guess what Chad's really, really, really pissed about?

Those @#(*@$%s took his Starbucks gold card!


Watch the video, but be warned, there's some language.

Ah, the terrible problems of celebrities: "I earned the gold card. Do you know how many coffees I had to drink? I had $220 left ... that's f*cked up ... I feel like I'm about to tear up." Man, I can't tell if he's actually beaten up by this or if he's just trying to be funny. Probably a combination of both, sadly.

But then, later in the day, he tweeted that the mother of one of his followers had found the wallet in Providence, Rhode Island. And guess what? It contained all his credit cards, but no gold card! Alas, alack, the tragedy of it all!

Well, dry your eyes, because Starbucks reached out to Chad and said they'd replace his card -- Starbucks will replace any card as long as it's registered -- but still, this just goes to show how Chad is a master of social media. Yep, Chad likes to remind us that he's still around, even though it's the off-season, and he's more than happy to share with us how badly his morning went because he knows we'll watch it. Nice move, Chad, nice move. We can always count on you to make everyday trials into something hilarious.

Would you be very upset if someone swiped your gold card? What do you think of Chad Ochocinco's Twitter antics?


Image via TwitVid

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