Could Khloe & Lamar Be Taking New York Too?

lamar odom khloe kardashianIt wasn't too long ago that Lamar Odom swore off reality TV to focus on his basketball career, but if he winds up as a free agent -- he may be unable to escape being seen on Kourtney & Kim Take New York. Because there is new speculation that playing for the New York Knicks is definitely on Lamar's radar. If the Dallas Mavericks don't trade him before June 29, then they will be forced to pay him the $2.4 million they owe him in guaranteed money -- and he officially becomes a free agent.

And according to Ian Begley of ESPN New York, a source close to Lamar thinks he'd be very "comfortable" on the Knicks roster. Hmm. Lamar & Khloe picking up and moving to NYC? Does anyone else see what could be the beginning of one big, happy Kardashian reunion?


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OMG. This is the perfect scenario to make all of their lives blissfully happy! Khloe will get to be with her sisters a lot more often, since New York is pretty much their second home, and Lamar will be back in his old stomping grounds, since he hails from Queens.

But wait a minute -- what if Lamar needs someone to pal around with when he's not on the court? Husbands and wives do need time apart, so Lamar will need some guy time once in a while. I suppose he could hang out with Scott Disick when he's in town, but he really has way more in common with Kris Humphries. Even though he and Kim are finished, there's no reason he can't go out for a beer with his old brother-in-law from time to time, right? (Does anyone else smell a bromance brewing?)

But I guess I really shouldn't get ahead of myself. June 29 is still a little over a month away, so there's always a chance Lamar will be traded to another team and he and Khloe will move to God knows where. But if he does become a free agent? Look out, New York -- the Kardashians may be in town a lot more often.

Would you like to see Lamar play for the Knicks?


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