People Who Park Like Jerks Will Now Pay the Price (VIDEO)

Parking DoucheWe've all been there. You circle and circle a parking lot only to finally find a spot ... or what you think is a spot. But when you try to pull in, you realize only one-third of it is available because some douche decided he needed one and two-thirds spaces for his Prius. Or, even worse, you come out and find someone parked so close to your door that you have to crawl through the passenger side.

Douche parkers are some of the most inconsiderate, infuriating humans on earth, and beyond risking some serious vandalism charges or your physical well being, there's no effective way to stop their douchery. Until now.


I'm going to go ahead and call it the most brilliant app of all time, because I think it deserves that title. It's called Parking Douche, and it's flat out brilliant. Right now it's just available in Russia, according to Mashable, but the potential for such an app is unbelievable.

Basically, if someone parks like a douche, you just take a picture, which is then streamed to live pop-up advertisements on various sites, including the Moscow-based online newspaper The Village. They're targeted through an IP address so that they're seen by people who live and work close to the offensive parking job. To get the pop-ups to go away, readers then must share them on Facebook so the shaming of parking douches can spread. Amazing.

Here's an awesome video that shows just how it works.

What amazing satisfaction this app could bring so many, and hopefully it will eventually make for kinder more considerate parking and a better world all around. The only problem I see is that it's not available in Florida ... yet.

Would you use the Parking Douche app?


Image via YouTube

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