5 Surprising Perks You'll Get From Playing Video Games

GamersLet's be real: Adults and video games don't exactly go hand-in-hand. Sure sure, spending some quality time with the game controller every once in a while isn't necessarily harming anyone -- but spend more than an hour in front of the boob tube getting down with your bad self playing old school Mario Kart, and some may think you have a problem. An addictive problem.

But hey -- what if I were to tell you there are benefits to playing video games?! Mhmm, real life perks to being a gaming wizard? Read on to see the 5 surprising benefits of playing video games as an adult:


1. Burning calories: Who doesn't love a good workout, right? Gaming has the potential to get VERY interactive, Wii Fit style. Dance, play tennis, do whatever sport tickles your fancy. You'll be working up a serious sweat (and eventually shedding pounds) in no time from the comfort of your own home.

2. Instant attractiveness: Whether or not you're trying to get a man, I'd like to think being able to pick up a remote and show someone who's boss is an attractive quality for a woman.

3. Relieve stress: Any hobby you have that lets you take the focus off of the hectic day-to-day for a little while is a good one, gaming included. After 20 minutes of intense race car driving, you'll totally forget about the fact that your teenager skipped school yesterday ... or whatever other troubling thing has got you itching for a loaded cocktail.

4. Friendships: There are loads of ways to hook up your fancy schmancy gaming system to the web these days. Of course, once you're gaming on the Interwebs, it's so simple to make gaming fanatics such as yourself. Before you know it, you and your gaming buddy from Ontario could be linking up for a weekend away. Potential romantic interests? You never know.

5. An easy way to bond with your kids: Like any good mom, it's easy to lose touch with your kids when they find cooler more hip things to do with their time than hang around with you on the couch. Take a trip to the store and pick out some good games together. You instantaneously have something to bond over. Who cares if it's a joke about the way a certain character looks? It's a start.

Are you a fan of gaming? If so, what games do you play?


Image via Valentin.Ottone/Flickr

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