Facebook's Rumored New Look Is ‘Like’ Worthy

FacebookI'm getting a little tired of hearing all about Facebook all of the time. I'm already guilty of spending a bazillion pointless hours a week on the time suck as it is. Nevertheless, the latest FB rumor thankfully has nothing to do with their big time stock. In fact, it's about the look of the website. Seems that the honchos in Silicon Valley are working on a tweaking the site's design ... again.

Surprising? Not at all. Heck, it's been like at least four months since the Timeline ambush, right? It's about time for some tweaks. Not to worry, Timeline is here to stay. And dare I say it, these could actually be useful and interesting changes!?

See what could be happening to your Facebook page, here:


Well -- it's all going to look cleaner, for sure. As someone who likes things tidy and neat, I really can't complain. Looking at the new format, you may not even notice the tweaks right away,

The biggest change? All the most important info about yourself, you know -- your name, workplace, hometown, location, etc. -- that stuff is going to be in white text IN your cover photo slot. I've got to wonder, what if your cover photo has light colors or a lot of white? Will Facebook change that text to black? Oh the possibilities.

Of course, nothing is definite yet or set in stone, but there are people beta testing the new look and I wouldn't be surprised if it sticks. In my eyes, Facebook needs to mix things up in everyone in a while to keep us interested. In the new format, life events are given more focus. That means that the Facebook crew really wants their users to USE Timeline and all its functionality. Will it work? Meh. We'll see.

One thing's for sure: even if the Facebook stock plummets and people SO TOTALLY HATE the updated Timeline, there's no way users are dropping off any time soon.

Does it bother you when Facebook changes its look?


Image via birgerking/Flickr

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