Robin Williams Dies on Twitter in Sad but Funny Mix-Up

robin williamsTwitter has killed off a long list of still-alive celebrities. Robin Williams is the latest to join RIP'd celebs like Justin Bieber, Madonna, Paul McCartney, and Axl Rose. It seems to have started when some fans confused Bee Gees member Robin Gibb, who really did pass away, with Williams, and began tweeting about his death. Seriously, people? Those two have one thing in common: Their first name. Other than that, it was Williams who scored Saturday Night Fever and Gibb who starred in Mrs. Doubtfire. No, wait. It was the other way around. I think.

Trending on Twitter after your actual death has become a sign of respect and popularity. But trending before it also has its own appeal.


Williams (the actor, not the Bee Gees singer) has a new movie coming out called The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, and guess what? That movie got a bunch of media mentions after Williams (who did not croon "Ah ah ah ah stayin' alive ... stayin' alive ... ") got RIP'd on Twitter.

None other than Goldie Hawn added fuel to the Twi-fire when she retweeted someone's absurd assertion that "Robin Williams Falls to his Death." She added: "Correction! Robin Gibbs has sadly passed." But she only muddled things more because Robin Gibb (not Gibbs) didn't fall to his death, he died of cancer. But then the whole thing went around Twitter that Robin Williams (who did not sing, "How deep is your love ... how deep is your love ... I really need to leeeearn ... ") had died by falling off a mountain in Austria. What? What would he be doing on a mountain in Austria? Twitter, you have too much time on your hands.

Anyway, I'm all confused now. But Robin Williams (Dead Poets Society) and Robin Gibb (disco, baby) are not the same person. And Robin Williams is alive. And, sadly, Robin Gibb is not. Are we all cleared up now?

What do you think of Twitter's death hoaxes?


Image via jurvetson/ Flickr

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