7 People Shot After NBA Playoff Game Turns Into a Scary Nightmare (VIDEO)

oklahoma city thunderThousands of fans, including many with children, got the scare of their lives after attending the Oklahoma City Thunder playoff game against the Los Angeles Lakers last night. Shots were heard outside the Chesapeake Energy Arena as the crowds exited, and eight people wound up hurt.

Police have confirmed that seven people suffered gunshot wounds, and one woman, who happens to be pregnant, was also injured in all the commotion. She is reportedly doing ok, as are six of the people who were shot. The other victim is listed in critical condition.


The motive behind the shootings has not yet been determined, so it's impossible to say whether the incident was directly related to the outcome of the playoff game, or whether it was just a random occurrence, where thousands of people happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The police currently have two suspects in custody.

Considering the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Los Angeles Lakers 106 to 90, it's hard not to wonder if an enraged fan possibly got a little too heated about the Lakers loss and opened fire? Or perhaps there was some sort of confrontation between fans of opposing teams that resulted in one of them drawing a gun?

Whatever the case may be, this was an incredibly scary night for everyone who happened to be at the game. Attending sporting events is such a fun and innocent family pastime, so it's really a shame that something this horrible went down. It's sad when parents have a valid reason to be afraid of taking their kids out to the ball game.

You can hear more about the incident in the video clip below.

What do you think happened after the playoff win?


Image via Ronald Martinez/Getty

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