17-Year-Old Pro Golfer Honors Injured Marine by Taking Him to Her Prom (VIDEO)

Lexi Thompson
Lexi Thompson
Lexi Thompson, an LPGA teen sensation from Coral Springs, Florida, hasn't had the most typical teenage experience growing up. She had to be home-schooled due to her insanely busy schedule and she has to miss graduation because she'll be out on tour. So it's great she'll get a little slice of "normal" teenage life by being able to go to her prom.

But what makes this story even sweeter is that she chose her date by creating a contest to honor Wounded Warriors, which provides services to injured servicemen and women. She first thought to ask another athlete or actor, but instead gave an all-expenses-paid weekend of fun to Lance Corporal Mark Scott, a Marine active reservist and Purple Heart recipient from Naperville, Illinois. 

From going go-kart racing to appearing on "Fox and Friends" to taking a trip to the gun range then the golf course, it sounds like a weekend both of them will never forget!


Here's Lexi thanking all the guys for applying and how she made her decision:

The military has been a huge part of her life, and how amazing is she to share this experience and weekend with a Wounded Warrior. Previously, a group of Wounded Warriors caddied for Thompson in March, and she spoke with Marines later that month who served as the tournament standard bearers. So clearly she has a strong appreciation for the military, which is impressive to me as she's just 17 years old!

They'll be able to spend the whole weekend together too. After Scott, 20, teaches her how to fire a rifle, she'll give him some swing tips at the local course. I'm sure he'll be very appreciative of her advice -- Lexi is the youngest person ever to win an LPGA event -- and Scott himself was an avid golfer before getting shot in the right knee while serving in Afghanistan. Then to cap it all off, they'll go the prom at Pier 66. No doubt they'll be the couple of the night!

Scott is probably on cloud nine right now and hopefully will have a weekend he won't ever forget. I'm so glad Thompson put this out there to guys serving in the military instead of asking another famous athlete or actor -- those who serve definitely deserve a good time more than anyone! Can't wait to see pictures of Thompson in her gorgeous dress and Scott in his Marine dress blues!

What do you think of Lexi Thompson taking a member of the military to her prom?


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