New Tim Tebow 'Jesus' Shirts Are All in Good Fun

tebow shirtFootball season is still a few months away, but people are already using Tim Tebow to make a few extra bucks at his expense. (Surprise, surprise.) For the life of me, I just don't understand why the fact that Tim is a decent human being with a strong belief system is such a bad thing, but I guess some people just feel threatened by a man who is committed to his faith. (Can you tell I'm a Tebow fan?)

A company called Cubby Tees has been selling these green & white New York Jets shirts with the same script as the team logo and the words "My Jesus" printed on them -- and Tebow isn't exactly thrilled at how they're poking fun at him. In fact, he's so irate, he's actually threatening to file a lawsuit against them for illegally using his name to market & sell the shirts.


A cease and desist letter has been filed by his attorneys, but so far Cubby's isn't budging. (Duh. Why would they willingly give up their cash cow?)

Tebow definitely has a right to be upset about these shirts, because whether his name is actually printed on the front or not, it's 100 percent obvious that they were designed with him in mind. But honestly, I think he needs to just take the shirts with a grain of salt, because this isn't the last company who is going to be out for a piece of the Tim Tebow pie. Odds are good that plenty more Tebow-inspired merchandise is going to hit store shelves, and the Internet, in the next few months -- especially after he throws his first touchdown pass for the Jets.

Instead of getting all bent out of shape and letting things like this bother him, Tebow should just hold his head high and be proud of what an amazing man and athlete he is. There aren't too many people in this world who are passionate enough about their faith to stand by it -- especially when people try and rip it off. But I think Tim is more than fit for the challenge.

Do you think the "My Jesus" t-shirts are offensive?


Image via Cubby Tees

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