NFL Player Gets Chest Waxed on National Television: Yep, That Happened (VIDEO)


nick mangoldWell here's something you don't see every day. Nick Mangold, the center for the New York Jets, got his chest waxed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Of course this is something you're gonna want to see.

Jimmy does a segment on his show called "Wax On, Wax Off." A "randomly chosen" audience member was asked a set of trivia questions to win some money. Why is "randomly chosen" in quotes? Because the guy they picked happened to be a self-proclaimed New York Giants fan. If he got any questions wrong, Mangold would pay for them with his chest hair.

Since the questions involved Lithuanian Prime Ministers and filling in quotes by Chaucer, Mangold's chest hair was doomed from the start.


If you have to watch only one part, be sure to watch the second, when poor Mangold gets his nipple waxed. Here's part 1:

Here's part 2:

Lucky for Nick, it doesn't seem like he's got all that much chest hair, but yeeeowch! Of course nothing will beat Steve Carell's real-life version on 40-Year-Old Virgin, spewing his long chain of expletives and "Kelly Clarkson!" but Mangold does seem pretty petrified of the last strip of wax, pleading, "Why are you doing this to me?"

Sure, it's all in good fun, but I'm positive a big, tough player like Mangold, even though he gets tackled by linebackers every day, could not for the life of him understand why we women actually pay others to do this to our bodies. He was a good sport about the whole thing, but it was a shame Fallon couldn't get Tim Tebow, Mangold's newest teammate, on board for the fun. Imagine if Fallon asked Tebow to do the waxing!

Would you get any part of your body waxed on national television?


Image via NBC

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