10 Insanely Ridiculous Ways to Take Facebook Too Far

Facebook may be eventually turn into a giant vat of SPAM, but in the meantime, we're all totally addicted. We talk about the reasons to quit while, of course, never actually doing so. Everyone's obsessed with the upcoming Facebook IPO while simultaneously describing the site as a "passing fad."

Love it or hate it, my guess is that Facebook's here to stay ... or at least it's destined to take a place of prestige and honor among history's biggest cultural zeitgeists. After all, according to these hilarious examples, we're all taking Facebook very, very, VERY seriously these days.

Ten signs you're going too far with Facebook:



You buy a Facebook-themed shower curtain. "Bring your profile to life while you lather up with our comical shower curtain gift, featuring a transparent section so you can create a profile whilst you're scrubbing away." Um, DISLIKE.

You dream up a lengthy fake Facebook account for the president. Slate came up with an interesting way to recap Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office: they drafted a parody Facebook feed marking the key events. It's actually pretty funny, except for the part where I can't stop thinking about how much time it took to create.

You name your kid after the Like button. An Israeli couple actually for real no shit OMG named their baby girl "Like" after the Facebook Like button. How meta is it to like the post announcing the child's name? SPACE/TIME CONTINUUM WORMHOLE GAHHHH.

You're a clothing brand that dreams up a Facebook campaign involving trading likes for nudity. Stüssy had the ingenious concept of asking fans for a simple quid pro quo: the more 'likes' a photo received, the more clothes came off of the model in the photo.

You post a forever-documented exchange with a Facebook stranger that makes you look like a total effing creeper. Seriously, ew.

You buy this dumb t-shirt. "Meh"? Seriously, that's your message to the world?

You buy a pair of Facebook-branded shoes. Like my Adidas, never like Fila.

You ask for your lover's hand in marriage via social media. REALLY? Worst proposal ever.

You ask for prayers instead of fixing your damn car. Zing, Trevor FTW!

You get a Facebook tattoo like rapper T-Pain. I love that his tweet that accompanied this photo said, "I think this ones pretty sweet, unless facebook shuts down soon 0_o." Yeah bro pretty sweet you'll never regret it EVAH.

What do you think, are some people going a little overboard with Facebook these days?


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