Pinterest Lovers Viciously Mocked in Laugh-Out-Loud Spoof (VIDEO)

Pinsanity on pinterest

Oh Pinterest. Why must you and all of your yummy baked good glory be such an addicting time suck? To be real, I don't know many women that aren't at least slightly addicted to the popular pinning site in some way, shape, or form.

However, I'm not sure if ANY of my friends or gals around the office are as glued to the site as this woman. Los Angeles-based female comedy studio Comediva has pretty much captured the insanity over Pinterest with their latest video "Pinsanity." Sure, you might love pinning, but would you KILL for it?

Trust me, this one's gonna have you LOL-ing in seconds. Watch "Pinsanity" here:


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LOL. Whoa whoa whoa, though -- knifing someone over Pinterest? That's a little (read: A LOT) extreme. But this woman's got all the basics down -- her board's full of some solid pins. Pumps, perfectly frosted cupcakes, an adorable wedding dress, and hey -- that headband her galpal had on was pretty cute.

Comediva has it right, though. Yes, the obsession is definitely full-blown and women everywhere are lusting over trinkets on one another's "boards." However, I say what the hey. In my mind, a Pinterest obsession is MUCH healthier than, say, a Facebook one. At least you can be productive spending hours on Pinterest. I mean, come on, where else can you find your dream wedding dress, every idea you could ever need to redecorate your entire house, AND the perfect recipe for this weekend's barbecue in one place?

Are you a fan of Pinterest? What are your favorite things to pin?

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Image via Comediva/YouTube

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