5 Reasons the iPad Mini Will Blow Other Tablets Away (VIDEO)

guy with ipad on his lapThe "New iPad" (or third-generation iPad) is pretty sweet. The resolution is amaaaazing, and it's got all the snazzy bells and whistles you could possibly want from a tablet. But it's not really the gamechanger we've all been waiting for from Apple. You know what would be? An iPad Mini -- as in, the same awesome bells and whistles, but in a more compact form.

Well, those of us who believe better things come in smaller packages might be getting our wish sooner rather than later. There's new buzz that the iPad's "mini me" could be slated for an October release!

If rumors are true, five reasons the Mini could become the must-have tablet.

  1. The portability. At 7.85-inches, the new iPad Mini would be the perfect solution for those of us who need something that's smaller than a laptop but bigger than our smartphone -- especially when it comes to work. For instance, I could see it helping my electrician fiance keep track of equipment and manpower when he's running the rigging department on a busy movie set. Similarly, it would be easier for commuters to whip out while standing clustered on a crowded subway train.
  2. The weight. It would hopefully weigh a lot less than the current New iPad, which is definitely a commitment to tote around.
  3. The display. Rumor has it the Mini would feature the very same retina display as the New iPad. Sweet!  
  4. The price point. This is the BIGGIE. Most of us still think of tablets as rich people's toys. It's totally unnecessary for most of us. (Unless you own your own biz and it really helps you do your job -- like, photographers, for instance, can use it to showcase their work while at a client meeting.) But with a reported $200-$250 price point, the iPad Mini could be a much more affordable than its $400+ predecessors.
  5. It's Apple. Yeah, the Kindle Fire is doing well, but everyone who owns that probably wishes they actually owned an iPad.

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Would you get an iPad Mini?

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